Cowboy Balance

These are the first three pieces from my Cowboy balance series,

and are currently available at Urban Angel Gallery

for more imagesI was recently asked about the thinking behind this series, and the stylistic contrast between the animal & rider, so here’s my reply –

Dear _____, as for the thinking behind the different styles for the cowboy and horse, there was a few different things going on with this, here’s a couple…

On an aesthetic level it exaggerates the power/control struggle that’s going on here, it (hopefully) emphasises the innocence, beauty and power and of the animal, at the same time reflects the bold, brash and seemingly careless attitude of the rodeo rider.

And as for the horse seeming ‘lifted’ off the ground, it has just been caught mid-buck, a tiny moment of calm, perfectly balanced, in the middle of the action, before they both drop back to the ground and continue.

I guess I also wanted to put the focus on the animal rather than the rider too, just tip the balance a little.

Of course, this series isn’t really about cowboys or horses, its more a small thought on the fun us folk find in trying to control and own things of natural power and beauty, the perils/dangers of doing so, the boisterous & clumsy attitude we take to it, and the thrill of the ride.

One response to “Cowboy Balance

  1. absolutely awesome, man!!!! congratulations!

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